An all new cast set to hit the small screen

CBS's reality dating show, which is based on the wildly popular U.K. series, is in the works, and will be hosted by Arielle Vandenberg once again.

The network excited fans with the release of the show's premiere date.

Starting on May 21, an all new cast of attractive young singles will hit the small screen for weeks of romance.

Unlike other reality dating shows, fans are going to be seeing a lot of the Love Island action as the show will air six nights per week, with five new episodes and a Saturday night recap episode.


Casting for the upcoming season is now open for single men and women in the U.S. who want their own shot at some fun summer romance.

The first season of Love Island, which came to an end last August, crowned Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber as its winners, after the pair made a sweet connection.

Despite the couple breaking up in December, the duo had nothing but love for each other.

Weber had a word of advice for the new contestants saying, "The best advice I can give is just make sure that you are 100 percent authentically yourself," she explained. "Don't go in there trying to be somebody you're not. Make sure you really bring the energy."