NCIS: L.A. Season 11: Will Moon Bloodgood's character "Katherine Casillas" stick around?

Will "Katherine Casillas" have a recurring role this season?

'NCIS: L.A.' Season 11: Could This New Character Stir Things Up?

Chicago Fire fans were surprised after Monica Raymund left the show after six seasons. The last time we saw "Gabby Dawson" in the drama series was in the season 7 premiere, when she asked "Casey" (Jesse Spencer) to move with her following her return from Puerto Rico.

Now it's time to rejoice. It was just revealed that the 33-year-old actress will be returning for the winter finale reprising her iconic role! "Coming back to the show was a homecoming for me. The cast of Chicago Fire will always be my family, and it was so wonderful to work with them again. It was such a positive experience returning to the family, and I’m so happy and grateful for a chance to work with all of them again!," Raymund told EW.

"Casey" and "Dawson" will always have a very special bond

Monica Raymund's "Gabby Dawson" will come back into "Casey's" life. Although details about what her comeback means are still a mystery, the actress said that "fans can expect sparks to fly from the 'Dawson' and 'Casey' reunion. 'Dawson' and 'Casey' will always have an unbreakable bond, and their love is a special love that I think will forever stay alive."

We're sure Chicago Fire fans don't want to miss seeing how "Casey" and "Dawson's" relationship will be depicted from a different angle. The eighth season of Chicago Fire is currently airing every Wednesday on NBC. The finale is set to premiere on November 20.

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