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Since 2019 Peyton List (24) plays in the Netflix series Cobra Kai as "Tory". Especially in the latest season, which was recently released on the streaming platform, her role is crucial. 

The focus of season three is namely on the rivalry between "Daniel LaRussos" (Ralph Macchio) daughter "Sam" (Mary Mouser) and "Tory Nichols" (Peyton List). With the series, Peyton and the rest of the Cobra Kai cast celebrate great success. But the now 24-year-old also started out small. 

Cobra Kai - "Tory": The beginning of Peyton List's career 

Before Peyton started as "Tory" in Cobra Kai, she was already seen in countless series and films. She had her very first role in 2002 in the television series As The World Turns. While the 24-year-old was seen there in just one episode, she made her film debut in 2008 in 27 Dresses.

In the film, Peyton played the younger version of Katherine Heigl's character "Jane Nichols". The blonde then gained greater fame through her role as "Holly" in the second and third parts of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and as "Emma Ross" in the Disney series Jessie and in the spin-off Bunk'd.

She was on the latter Disney show from 2015 to 2018. Now it has been announced that the Cobra Kai actress will return for the first episode of season five.

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After Cobra Kai: Peyton List returns to Bunk'd

As "Emma" Peyton slips into a former television role as "Tory" after her great success in Cobra Kai. She revealed to TVLine: "I’m so familiar with the sets, I noticed every little change. There are new cabins, new people behind the scenes running the show — and the campers on the show had grown about a foot since I last saw them all." It seems like the actress is very happy to get back into her old role. This is what she had to say in an interview with the 1883 magazine about her time as a child star:

"It’s so funny because it was a lot harder when I thought about it within the last year than when I was actually in it. When I was in it, I was having so much fun and I was just kind of in my own bubble, like I felt so normal and I didn’t even realize people knew who I was. Like the idea of people knowing me or having some sort of fame is a really weird concept that I haven’t really grasped."

To this day, the 24-year-old has been linked to her roles on the Disney shows and she admits it is getting harder as she can't even go out without being recognized.

Cobra Kai - "Tory": Peyton List is also successful as a singer 

Despite the downside of fame, however, Peyton is quite happy with her success. The 24-year-old became famous not only for her role in Cobra Kai as "Tory" or in Jessie and the Jessie spin-off Bunk'd as "Emma".

In fact, the actress has already released her own music. Her first song "Liar Liar" was released in 2018, followed by her next singles in 2019: "Dance Till We Die" and "Don't Cry".