Conan O'Brien has long been a staple of the late-night television scene, but he has decided to say goodbye to the gig! On Thursday, the last episode of his late-night talk show Conan aired, which saw O'Brien bid the program adieu with the help of some celebrity guests.

O'Brien reminisces with Will Ferrell and Jack Black

O'Brien had Will Ferrell appear via Zoom, who joked that he should "pre-tape a few goodbyes" for the host during his appearance. As Ferrell explained, it's not the first time where he has been part of a finale show for O'Brien— so the actor took it upon himself to record several farewell messages!

And while Ferrell showed up digitally, Jack Black made an in-person appearance! He reflected on an early interview with O'Brien, sharing why it was such a significant moment in his career. Black called it "the best way to enter the late-night television world," saying he remembered O'Brien as being "smart and funny and kind."

Conan O’Brien at The Relevance Conference in Santa Barbara, California, 2019

O'Brien gets serenaded by Black in goodbye episode of Conan

O'Brien and Black then went on to share that while they had originally planned to include a special musical number, an ironic injury forced them to change plans! Black referred to himself as being "literally the lamest guest of all time," seeing as he accidentally suffered a sprained ankle.

"Of course we would think of a bit with Jack where Jack pretends to get hurt and while shooting it, Jack gets hurt," O'Brien said, calling the mishap "somehow fitting." But even though their original plan for the segment didn't work out, Black still serenaded the host with a comical song!

O'Brien left viewers with a touching message as he closed out the show. "My advice to anyone watching right now... try and do what you love, with people you love, and if you can manage that, it's the definition of Heaven on Earth," the host said. "I swear to God. It really is."

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