When we got to see the big season 14 finale with the huge surprise and secret reveal from "J.J." about her true feelings for "Reid", we went wild. We have been waiting in anticipation to find out how the next and final season will play out in terms of their story line. Since filming for the final season is now officially over, Matthew Gray Gubler and A.J. Cook have confirmed that something is coming with their characters on the show.

According to Cinema Blend, A.J. Cook said, "well, I can tell you we will find out what happens now that [J.J.] has expressed her true feelings for Dr. Reid." Interesting... Matthew Gray Gubler responded to the question by saying, "don't you mean 'Jeid'? That's what the internet is calling us." 

Criminal Minds: Will "J.J."and "Reid" get together?  

We know that there can't just be an easy resolution to "J.J.'s" confession as there are many obstacles to get over before hand. For starters, "J.J." is married still and also Criminal Minds cast Rachael Leigh Cook to play "Reid's" love interest, "Max" in the final season. So we aren't quite sure how things will play out for their relationship...

Criminal Minds Final Season 15

Season 15 is set to finish things off with a ten-episode run, starting with a two-part premiere. We don't have an official air-date yet so stay tuned for that and more details concerning the 15th and final season of Criminal Minds