This plot twist shocks even true fans. In the last episode of the 14th Criminal Minds season, "JJ" (A.J. Cook, 40) and "Reid" (Matthew Gray Gubler, 39) are kidnapped. "JJ" admits that she has been in love with "Reid" for a long time. However, "JJ" has been married to "Will" (Josh Stewart, 42) since the seventh season and the couple have two children. 

Criminal Minds: What happens to "JJ" and "Reid"?

What happens with "JJ", "Will" and "Reid" will be revealed in the 15th and last season of Criminal Minds, which is just about to be filmed. In an interview with Parade magazine, actor Matthew Gray Gubler talked about the big confession in the season finale.

"I love that finale. Let me ask you this, what was your perception at the end of the show? Reid asks her if she’s lying and she gives a look, do you think she was lying or was she telling the truth that she loved Reid? [...] I think it’s 50-50, I think some people think it was a lie," Matthew Gray Gubler said in an interview with Parade

Gubler doesn't reveal whether "JJ's" confession is actually true or whether she lied to "Reid" after all. But not only the resolution for the plot twist awaits the audience in the final episodes of Criminal Minds.

The final season of Criminal Minds

"The last 10 episodes have, honestly, been the strongest episodes of our entire series. I’m just so excited for people to get to see them," reveals Matthew Gray Gubler. Jane Lynch (58) aka "Reid's" mother will make an incredible comeback in the final season. Whether other ex-actors will return to the crime series is not yet known. We will have to wait and see to find out!