The fifteenth and last season of Criminal Minds is set to premiere next year, but it seems that Paget Brewster already has some interesting plans for her future career. Although she has not been a full member of the series' cast, her role as "Emily" has made her one of the widely known stars of it, such as she will be in her next role which was just announced!

Paget Brewster surprised her fans on Twitter!

The actress revealed on Twitter that she will share credits with Allison Janney and Anna Faris in the upcoming season of CBS' comedy Mom and we couldn't be more excited about it! Paget will take on the role of "Veronica Stone", an importunate senior partner who joins the fray within the law firm as Christy's new boss. The character will reportedly be very demanding and we can't wait to see Paget in this new role!

Paget is set to appear in two episodes of Mombut hopefully her role will be expanded. The first one of them is reportedly set to premiere in October, and fans can't wait to see her in an interesting transition from dramatic roles to comedic ones.

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