With more than 300 episodes over the course of 14 seasons, Criminal Minds has become of the longest-running scripted dramas on television. The fifteenth and final season of the show is shorter than normal coming in at only ten episodes. The show had the potential to be over after season 14, however they decided to give it a final season and a final ten episodes to give the show a proper sendoff.

Criminal Minds Season 15: Coming in 2020

The last episodes for season 15 were filmed immediately after season 14, however they won't be airing for a few months yet. Criminal Minds season 15 will be delayed until the winter or spring of 2020.

Even if we have to wait longer than expected to see the new episodes, we know that season 15 will be a great ones for fans alike. We can expect to see what will happen between "JJ" and "Reid" as well as seeing some exciting guest stars. Stay tuned for all the details on the final season of Criminal Minds!