The 15th and final season of Criminal Minds is already in full swing and the story between "Reid" (Matthew Gray Gubler, 39) and "J.J." (A. J. Cook, 41) is, of course, a big part of the final episodes.

A lot of fans had hoped until recently, that these two would eventually become a couple towards the end of the season. However, "J.J." made an emotional confession to "Spencer" in the season 15 premiere which pretty much debunked the fan theories.

And now, another character has appeared on the scene who could very well become "Reid's"new love interest, as had been previously rumored before the start of the final season.

Watch out: Spoilers! If you are NOT caught up on season 15 episode 4, do not read any further!!!

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Criminal Minds: "Reid's" encounter with "Max"

In the fourth episode of season 15, entitled "Saturday", "Reid's" therapist recommends that he take some time off. The reason: "Reid" has been having nightmares in which he is attacked by an axe murderer. He follows the doctor's instructions and takes a day for himself.

Over the course of that day, he makes two new acquaintances: He meets "Max" (Rachael Leigh Cook, 40) and her nephew - the boy takes a liking to "Spencer" after he shows him a magic trick and insists that "Reid" join them at the park, where "Spencer" and "Max" actually get into a conversation and really hit it off.

They spend the whole afternoon together and "Reid" forgets his nightmares and work for a moment. But their time together is suddenly interrupted. "Kristy" (Kelly Frye, 35) has gone into labor and "Reid" hurries to the hospital.

Criminal Minds: "Reid" tells "J.J." about his conversation

Upon his arrival, "J.J." takes him aside. She noticed that something was different. At first he tries not to let on, but finally he tells her that he "had a conversation".

"Whoever this conversation was with, she's put a smile on your face I haven't seen in a really long time," J.J. says and suggests for him to see the baby another time.

And she actually persuades him to leave the hospital. "Reid" tracks down "Max" where they met and they continue talking. Maybe will see more of them together in the future. At least "J.J." seems to have no problem with "Reid" maybe falling in love again.

The next Criminal Minds episode will air on CBS next Wednesday, February 19, at 9pm (8 central).

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