All Criminal Minds fans were on edge last night as the 15th and final season of the crime drama made its debut with a two-hour premiere on CBS. What everyone wanted to know was: What will "J.J.'s" confession from the season 14 finale mean for her and "Reid"? The second part of the night did in fact deliver the answer.

A.J. Cook's "J.J.", who was in hospital after a near-fatal gunshot wound, finally had the conversation with "Reid" that all fans were waiting for, and it was bittersweet - for "Spence".

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Criminal Minds' "J.J.": "I do love you. You were my first love."

"I was prepared to take that secret to the grave," she tells him in tears. "But now it’s out, and I can’t lie to you and say I didn’t mean it. I do love you. You were my first love. And I’ll always love you."

But it turns out that she also loves her husband "Will" and everything they have together, meaning that "Reid" and "J.J." will go on to be just friends - what a blow for Matthew Gray Gubler's character. But he has no ill feelings towards her at least.

Criminal Minds Season 15: What will happen in the final season?

Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer spoke to TVLine about the first two episodes and how the final season will unfold. Naturally, she was asked if this was really it for "J.J." and "Reid".

Her response: "It will never be discussed the way it was discussed in [the premiere], but there will still be sort of “knowing looks” and moments through the end."

The fact that he cannot be with "J.J." means that "Spencer" is open for another love interest, which could very well be Rachel Leigh Cook's character "Maxine".

Erica Messer also spoke about introducing "Maxine": "This was our version of giving Reid a shot at some kind of romance, which has always been a big sticking point with the show. [...] it felt it would be nice to give that character a shot at love again."

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At least, "Reid" had his temporarily lucid mother to talk to in the second episode of the night. Jane Lynch returned to the show as "Diana Reid" and told her son what she thought:

"Honey, life is long and it’s hard," she said. "You deserve to have someone who will share all of it with you. All of it."

We are excited to see how this will play out! Criminal Minds season 15 episode 3 ("Spectator Showing") will air on January 15 at 9pm (8 central) on CBS.