Since her return to NCIS in the season 16 finale, "Ziva" (Coté de Pablo, 40) has wanted nothing more than to be reunited with "Tony" (Michael Weatherly, 51) and daughter "Tali" again. 

In the penultimate NCIS episode there was an unexpected twist - "Ziva" faced her nemesis "Sahar" and got into grave danger. With the help of "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon, 68) however, "Sahar" was finally defeated, making it possible for "Ziva" to see her family again. But there is something else holding her back...

Spoiler alert! If you are not caught up on the latest NCIS episode, you should stop reading right here.

The disappearance of little "Phineas", whom "Gibbs" had to tell that his mother "Sahar" is dead, initially prevents "Ziva" from reuniting with her family. Although "Gibbs" keeps trying to send "Ziva" to Paris to "Tony" and "Tali", she insists on helping "Gibbs" track down the little boy.

NCIS: "Ziva" doesn't feel ready for a reunion with "Tony"

"Gibbs" notes that "Phineas" is not the only reason that keeps "Ziva" from the long-awaited reunion with her family. She is afraid that the reunion will not go the way she imagines it to and that - after all that has happened - she can no longer be a good partner and mother. She has also sent a message to "Tony" to which he has not yet replied.

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"Ziva" is also afraid that "Tali" might not even recognize her and might have forgotten all about her. "Gibbs" tries to make it clear to "Ziva" that "Tony" has certainly made sure that "Tali" will never forget her.

Exactly at that point in the conversation with "Gibbs", "Ziva" receives a video from "Tony" and "Tali", in which the two say how much they miss her and that they are looking forward to seeing her again.

NCIS: Is this the end for Coté de Pablo's character "Ziva"?

At this point, "Ziva" is finally ready to reunite with her family. She bids farewell to all her colleagues and sets off for the airport to finally meet "Tony" and "Tali" again in Paris. Unfortunately, the reunion takes place off-screen, so we did NOT get a glimpse at Michael Weatherly as "Tony".

Season 17, episode 11 ("In The Wind") was "Ziva's" very last episode on NCIS, as far as we know...! From the beginning of the season, it was made clear that Coté de Pablo would return for only four episodes. So does the eventual reunion with "Tony" and "Tali" mean that we will never see her again? 

NCIS Season 17 Episode 12 ("Flight Plan") airs on Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 8pm (7 central) on CBS.

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