• The new Elvis Presley biopic Elvis is coming out soon
  • The Presley family has already seen the movie
  • Lisa Marie Presley just revealed her reaction

A new biopic about Elvis Presley is hitting theatres this week. Of course, the Presley family was allowed to watch it before its release. In a special edition of 20/20, family members reveal how they experienced the movie Elvis.

Lisa Marie Presley reacts to new Elvis film and Austin Butler

Good Morning America previewed the interview, which includes Elvis's daughter Lisa Marie Presley discussing how emotional she felt.

"It was such an emotional [experience]," Lisa Marie said. "It just brings up such generational trauma – in a good way." She added that five minutes into the movie, she and her daughter Riley Keough were "already crying."

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Expectations were high and Lisa Marie hoped that her father's portrayal would live up to it. Austin Butler, who plays the main role in the film, did not disappoint her.

"It's almost as if [Butler] channelled him," she said. "He put everything he had, his heart, his soul, everything he had into researching, reading, watching, learning."

The actor really convinced the Presley family in the role of Elvis. "He honoured him in every way possible that you could possibly honour," Lisa Marie Presley added.

Her mother Priscilla Presley also saw the film and is convinced that Elvis Presley would have loved it...

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