'CSI' will always be a great franchise, but 'CSI: Miami' was something special...

'CSI: Miami': What Is The Cast Doing Now?

David Caruso, Khandi Alexander and Emily Proctor in CSI: Miami 

In the steaming city of Miami, crime always seems to be on the rise! Thank goodness we have cast of CSI: Miami to cool things down! Whether it was purely a murder case or a hybrid mix of murder, embellishment and hate, these guys always knew how to handle it...  

Wow! It's been a while hasn't it? Who remembers getting home after long day at the office, throwing yourselves on the couch and getting ready for the next episode of CSI: Miami? For some odd reason, we remember it quite fondly! You've probably been asking yourselves the same question we have for months now... What on earth has the cast been doing all these years... Well, turns out quite a lot! Check out the video for more! 

David Caruso at the scene of the crime! 

David Caruso