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Dance Moms season 8, will be Abby Lee Miller's final season. Plenty of reality stars have been dropping from their coveted spots on television in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, including Dance Moms tyrant Abby Lee Miller.

Dance Moms Season 8, Abby Lee Miller's Last Season

Dance Moms season 8 star Abby's spin-off show was canceled and Lifetime announced they were severing ties with her, meaning she could not return to be on the addictive series Dance Moms anymore.

Dance Moms season 8 was filmed after her return from prison and dangerous cancer surgery and was supposed to be somewhat of a re-launch or redemption for Abby and the show. Little did she know it would be the final season. 

In Dance Moms season 8, we watched her try to build a winning team out of an almost entirely new cast of dancers, including Kamryn Smith whose mom Adriana called Abby out for her racist remarks. Lilly Ketchman was the only returning dancer from previous seasons except for Yolanda and Eliana who also joined (much the chagrin of some of the moms) in later episodes. Lily had even earned the coveted ALDC jacket from her previous season but Abby took it back from her to level the playing field for the new members. 

The entire season was a wild ride with classic cutthroat Abby pitting dancers against each other and pushing the kids to their limits, so many quitting from sheer exhaustion. At one point she even called the police on mothers twice this season!

After the constant drama and some crushing losses, Abby blamed the mothers for the less impressive record until they began to rake in trophies and titles again. She may be rough but she sure brings in results! Some of these dances brought the audience to tears like the group dance about heartbreak where each dancer's heart becomes covered with blood!

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The girls (and Brady!) were incredibly impressive, especially considering they had to live up to the standards of Abby's pre-jail team. The season was surprisingly juicy while also being empathetic to Abby for her intense journey through cancer. Although redeeming her title as the Queen of dancers, her future is uncertain now that her poor behavior towards people of color has come to light. 

We will have to wait and see if this was the official end of the highly addictive show, Dance Moms season 8.