Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die has been delayed until November due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, the English actor, who recently turned 52 years old, gave fans a sneak peek during an appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend. He took the SNL stage and brought up one of his favourite scenes of the upcoming film!

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The clip features "James Bond" walking into a casino and meeting a woman, trying to get her to confess who she works for. Fun twist: at some point he completely forgets all of his secrecy and becomes the life of the table! He even switches up his usual drink order and gets a vodka and red bull in a pint glass, instead of his iconic Martini!

Watch the clip here:

Daniel Craig's No Time to Die will premiere in November

Daniel Craig's appearance on Saturday Night Live was a funny way of providing fans new "James Bond" footage, since they still have to wait a couple motnhs to see No Time to Die.

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No Time to Die was supposed to hit theatres in April, but it was rescheduled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The film is now set to premiere on November 25, 2020.