• NCIS: LA is ending after 14 seasons
  • The cancellation news came last month
  • This is how "Kensi" actress Daniella Ruah feels about it now

A few days ago, fans were left heartbroken by the news that NCIS: LA has been cancelled. Since then, the actors have said goodbye to the roles they filled for years.

Daniela Ruah now makes it clear, however, that the end of the series is "bittersweet." She just told ET: "I'm not sad that it's ending.

"I think the show has had an amazing, long run, we've told phenomenal stories, the characters have grown and matured on the show in front of everyone. It's bittersweet."

What Daniela Ruah will miss most after NCIS: LA cancellation

What Daniela Ruah will miss most is her NCIS: LA co-stars, though she is excited about getting to move on to new creative projects.

Ruah went on to explain how much it has meant to her to be part of a series that has such a loyal fan base:

Also interesting:

"When you think about the amount of people that approach you and say, 'This show saved my life. This show is what I used to watch with my parent or my grandparent, before they passed away, and I still watch it because it reminds me of them.'

"It makes it mean the world to you," said the "Kensi Blye" actress.

The last episode of NCIS: LA will air on CBS in the spring of 2023...

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