• Darcey & Stacey is a hit reality show on TLC
  • The show has just begun its fourth season
  • Here are the most shocking moments from the season premiere

The drama didn't have to wait very long to rear its head in the season premiere. Usually it has to do with the sisters' relationships and the men that surround them. But this time around it was the sisters going back and forth with each other that caused most of the tension.

Darcey & Stacey are serving up the tension and drama in spade

Darcey is currently single and Stacey is planning a wedding! With Darcey being recently single however, the idea of a double wedding had to be cancelled which caused some tension between the sisters. Not an easy conversation to have, but maybe even more so, when you are twins!

Also interesting:

And their new living arrangements are a source of contention as well, with Stacey living in the apartment above Darcey. When Stacey went to help her unpack, Darcey lashed out at her for her unsolicited help! Stacey didn't like that one bit, and said this to her sister...

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