• 'Baywatch' could have been even more star-studded
  • Leonardo DiCaprio almost joined the cast
  • David Hasselhoff said absolutely not

Leo was denied a part on 'Baywatch' thanks to David Hasselhoff

After Brandon Call left following the first 'Baywatch' season, those in charge were looking for a new actor to play the part of "Hobie Buchannon".

But David Hasselhoff, of all people, turned DiCaprio down! This is what Michael Berk, one of the producers of the series, revealed to 'Hollywood Reporter' a few years ago.

"We actually wanted Leonardo DiCaprio. But David thought he would look too old next to him. He had a lot of concerns about that," said the producer. The role was eventually filled by the then-nine-year-old Jeremy Jackson.

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David Hasselhoff himself once told 'Movieline' that the rejection was the best thing that could have happened to Leonardo DiCaprio: "I saw Leonardo DiCaprio and I said: 'You know, that was the best thing that ever happened to you. You would never have got 'Titanic' and you would never have been a big star. You'd be like Jeremy Jackson and David Hasselhoff, looking for work," he joked.