• Dirty Dancing was the most popular romance from the 80s
  • There is a sequel slated to begin production next year
  • Jennifer Gray who plays "Baby" shared some other secrets

It could be the sequel to galvanize all sequels. Dirty Dancing will return to the big screen at some point in the near future and movie lovers everywhere are getting ready for the nostalgia. While Jennifer will return to the big screen as an older version of "Baby," other characters from the original will also return.

The Dirty Dancing sequel could break box office records

So far, she's playing her cards pretty close to the chest. She's told us that some classic characters are coming back. However, she does not say who exactly those will be. Not only will well-known characters come back, but parts of the old set will also be on display. Filming is slated to begin in the spring.

Also interesting:

When the film finally premieres, it will be hard not to think about those who have already left us. Mainly the late Patrick Swayze. As the actress previously mentioned, a sequel without Patrick Swayze as "Johnny" won't be easy. The actor died on September 14, 2009...

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