There has been a shocking number of deaths and killings on EastEnders since the show began. The show first aired on February 19th, 1985, and is still coming out with new episodes today. There have been over 6,000 episodes produced and aired up to date. This means that many actors and actresses have appeared in the soap and surprisingly, many have also been killed off the show. 

A surprising amount of violence on EastEnders revealed

In fact, the figure has totaled 129! The soap began in February 1985. That is a shocking figure of four deaths per year on average. Even more surprising is that about half of the deaths have been murders. Coronation Street has been running since 1960 and even this soap has only seen 97 deaths meaning EastEnders definitely takes the prize for the most violent British soap!

Even though there seems to be violence on the show, it still remains one of the most-watched television series in the UK. We know that we will always watch our favourite characters until the end, like Adam Woodyatt for instance who is the longest-running character in the show's history! 

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