• The third season of Emily in Paris is currently being filmed
  • New episodes are to be expected in early 2023
  • What can we expect from the third season?

Emily in Paris fans watch out! The third season is in production as we speak! New episodes are already expected to start airing in early 2023.

Emily in Paris Season 3: This is what we know so far

Most recently, "Emily" was caught between two stools - on the one hand, she became entangled in a love triangle with her neighbor "Gabriel" and his girlfriend "Camille". On the other hand, she wasn't able to decide between "Gabriel" and "Alfie" either.

Sounds pretty chaotic! And that's probably how it will continue to be. In the third season, "Emily" has to make several important decisions again. Also, her year in Paris is almost over. Will she go back to her native Chicago, or change companies and join "Sylvie"?

Emily in Paris Season 3: Cast members from Season 2 are back

Her relationship mayhem is far from over, as all the major cast members from season two are expected to be back.

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Some of these are rather surprising!

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For example, Lily Collins and Lucas Bravo have already been spotted on set, and "Alfie" actor Lucien Laviscount is also set to reprise his role in season three, creator Darren Star confirmed.

It sounds like it's going to get exciting again in Paris as fans can relax because a fourth season was confirmed by Netflix on Instagram.