Could "Deeks" be heading to NCIS: Hawaii?

Actor Eric Christian Olsen addressed that possibility in a new interview, where he was quizzed about the new Hawaii series debuting this fall. Here's what the NCIS: L.A. star had to say.

NCIS: L.A. - Eric Christian Olsen moving to Hawaii series?

While Olsen, 43, was speaking to ET, it was pointed out that he actually lives in Hawaii, which would make for the perfect crossover or cameo opportunity with NCIS: Hawaii.

The host asked Olsen about the new series and jokingly demanded to know if he is "secretly" moving to NCIS: Hawaii.

Olsen laughed and jokingly responded: "I am, I'm joining NCIS: Hawaii. So I'm actively shooting the pilot, leaving NCIS: Los Angeles, and joining NCIS: Hawaii. Umm — No!" he said.

So, no "Deeks" on NCIS: Hawaii just yet! However, the NCIS: L.A. actor did add: "It'd be great if I did a cameo on NCIS: Hawaii but didn't say anything, just walked through the back of the shot," he joked.

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NCIS: Los Angeles season 12 finale shows today

NCIS: L.A. airs its season 12 finale tonight on CBS. Olsen already wrapped filming on the season and has since been home in Hawaii with his wife and three children.

Olsen and Sarah Wright welcomed their third child, a daughter, Winter Story, in September last year. Here's the father of three with his 8-month-old.

For now, it doesn't appear there's any firm "Deeks" appearances set for NCIS: Hawaii, but a crossover certainly doesn't seem out of the question.

The new series, which does have four stars in the cast so far, will premiere this fall, while NCIS: L.A. will head into season 13.