• A new Fast & Furious movie is coming to theaters
  • Paul Walker will come back as "Brian O'Connor"
  • But how are they going to make it happen?

This piece of news is going to absolutely floor fans of the franchise. And here's the scoop: The late Paul Walker is set to return to the family thanks to CGI! The internet is completely buzzing with the news of this miraculous comeback to the screen, thanks to great advancements in visual media technology.

Paul Walker will have one last rodeo

Despite Walker's sudden death shortly before the release of the seventh part, his role as "Brian O'Connor" continues to be an integral part of the films. Individual scenes with "Brian" were implemented thanks to CGI and with the help of Paul Walker's brothers. This is very similar to the deepfake technology used on some online platforms.

Also interesting:

The Fast & Furious saga should come to an end with parts ten and eleven. Director Louis Leterrier has already thought about how he can let Paul Walker participate in the last few films saying this...

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