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Game of Thrones

Kit Harington alias "Jon Snow"

For 8 seasons, the series based on George RR Martin's books,  Game of Thrones, positioned itself as one of the most successful HBO productions of the last decade. Its impact was such that many loyal fans are already looking forward to the House of the Dragon spin-off.

Game of Thrones has 59 Primetime Emmy Awards, making it the series with the highest number of Emmy awards in television history. Among other recognitions, it also has Golden Globes, Satellite and the Directors' Union.

GOT's impact on pop culture

The series created by Davida Benioff and DB Weiss had a great impact on popular culture worldwide. Video games, board games, costumes and countless memorabilia were responsible for transforming her into a marketing monster. 

In addition, the amount of opinion and debate forums that circulated during the last season's broadcast is also striking: everyone had a theory of each episode and especially the ending. 

There were bars that opened their spaces to watch the episodes, usually, one is used to following their favorite sports team in these places, but the expectation that was created during the week was so great that everyone wanted to see it live and celebrate or cry with other fans in a bar.

Game of Thrones Fun Facts

  • Actress Sophie Turner adopted the dog that gave life to her faithful company in the series named Zunni.
  • The heart that Emilia Clarke eats in the scene where Daenerys Targaryen earns the respect of the Dothraki people, was essentially a sugared jelly bean.
  • The language of the Dothraki was invented for the series. Around 3000 words were created.
  • Through Game of Thrones, the term "sexposition" was created, which is when important events in history are revealed while there are sex scenes.
  • The puppies that gave life to the wolves in the first season are of a breed called Inuit, a northern Eskimo dog. 
  • The pilot of the series never saw the light because it was so bad that it had to be filmed again, even the actors also changed.