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The 1984 film Ghostbusters had great box office success during its exposure in different theaters around the world. The characters became pop culture icons in the 1980s, and Ivan Reitman's film has served as an influence for other movies and television series like Stranger Things who paid tribute to hit film.

The phenomenon of Ghostbusters also brought with it video games, role-playing games, board games, action figures, and a myriad of items for which we wanted to imitate their characters or scenes from the film.

Ghostbusters: Music and Animated Series

The first installment also gave us an unforgettable song, "Ghostbusters", created by the United States composer and musician Ray Parker Jr. who won a BAFTA award for the tune!

Likewise, the film also gave us the successful animated series The Real Ghostbusters, which was able to attract our attention through dark situations and ghoulish characters such as zombies, vampires, werewolves, and more.

Ghostbusters Fun Facts

  • Ray Parker Jr. only had three days to create the iconic theme song!
  • The producers of Ghostbusters had other actors in mind as leads, including the names of John Belushi, Eddie Murphy and John Candy.
  • Actress Sigourney Weaver got the role of Dana Barrett thanks to the fact that at the casting, she posed as a dog!
  • The original idea and the name of the film also changed, from the beginning it was thought to create something more futuristic with travel through time and it was going to be called  Ghost Smashers.
  • In the tape there is a promotion to hire the services of The Ghostbusters, which had a telephone number, the fans who actually dialed could listen to an entertaining recording of the cast.
  • The Ghostbusters logo is among the 20 most recognized in the history of advertising. It is inspired by the ghost Casper and was created by Michael C. Gross.