• Ginny & Georgia is a very popular Netflix series
  • The second season left us many unanswered questions 
  • This is what is known about a third season so far

It's no doubt that Netflix knows how to keep us in anticipation. One of their most popular shows in recent times, Ginny & Georgia, left fans in absolute suspense at the end of the show's second season! But it's altogether unclear whether the streaming giants will bring the show back for another season.

Ginny & Georgia is the smash hit that may never return

Say it ain't so! Millions of fans around the world need to know what happens next. But producers remain ambiguous. However, if the show is extended, the new season would probably come out in spring 2024. And that still seems like a very long time away.

Also interesting:

It is also unclear whether new characters or actors could be added to the original cast. Fresh faces tend to add to the anticipation of a show's return, so that could very well be the case. That being said, what could the next season be about?

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