'Grey's Anatomy' Will Say Goodbye To "Alex Karev" On Thursday - Watch The Emotional Trailer Here

'Grey's' OG Justin Chambers will finally show us what happened to "Alex"!

'Grey's Anatomy' Will Say Goodbye To "Alex Karev" On Thursday - Watch The Emotional Trailer Here

Viewers finally found out what happened to "Alex Karev" during last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Justin Chambers' final appearance however aired in 2019 but now we know his character's fate. And what happened, was shocking to say the least!

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During last night's Farewell to "Alex Karev" episode, "Alex" sends letters to "Meredith" (Ellen Pompeo), "Jo", "Richard" and "Bailey". Fans got to listen to some Justin Chambers voice-overs as he read what "Alex" had to say.

Grey's Anatomy: "I left and I'm with Izzie"

"Alex" explains to "Meredith" that he couldn't call her for fear that she would convince him to come back to Seattle and he can't come back. "The one perfect thing isn't in Seattle, not anymore. I swear it's not about work or you or Jo. It's about me. I left and I'm with Izzie," he revealed.

Apparently, "Alex" reached out to "Izzie" during one of "Meredith's" former co-workers' trial and he found out that "Izzie" used the embryos her and "Alex" froze back then to have children. She had twins named "Eli" and "Alexis" and they are now 5 years old, living on a farm in Kansas with "Izzie"... and now "Alex". 

"Alex Karev": "Izzie has our kids"

"I love Jo deeply, still. I think I always will. And if it was just about two women I love, I'd choose my wife," he wrote. To "Jo" he said, "When I told you I loved you I meant it, but Izzie has our kids, Jo."

Now, "Izzie" is working as a surgical oncologist and "Alex" has applied to a nearby hospital. He has already signed divorce papers and is leaving everything to "Jo." 

"Mer, you are my best friend and I will miss the hell out of you, but I'm finally exactly where I should be, I never had that before," "Alex" writes as he says goodbye for the last time. 

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