• Happy Days aired 11 seasons from 1974 to 1984
  • The hit series also had three classic spin-offs
  • Watch our video to see the cast today!

You've got to love Happy Days. The classic sitcom was on the air until 1984 and added another three spin-offs to its great era in TV history. So what happened to the stars? Let's start out with the one and only Ron Howard.

What Happened To The Cast of Happy Days?

Ron Howard became a household name after starring in Happy Days as “Richie Cunningham” from 1974 to 1980 and in The Andy Griffith Show before that. He had already begun directing while shooting Happy Days and after leaving, this is what he focused his career on.

What Happened To The Cast of 'Happy Days'?

Ron Howard is now an acclaimed director known for Splash, Apollo 13, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and A Beautiful Mind. To date, his films have won 9 Oscars, 6 BAFTAs and 4 Golden Globe Awards. And then there's the "Fonz" actor Henry Winkler...

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