• Happy Gilmore is an Adam Sandler classic
  • The movie came out back in 1996
  • Watch the video to see the cast today!

Not only did Adam Sandler act in this film but he was co-writer with his Saturday Night Live friend, Tim Herlihy. After working on Sandler's first leading role, Billy Madison, both he and Tim Herlihy gave us Happy Gilmore. The inspiration came from Caddyshack, a film that Sandler and Herlihy saw in college together, and from a childhood friend of Sandler's. Growing up, Adam Sandler and Kyle McDonough would play golf together and Adam believed that Kyle's edge came from the fact that Kyle was also a hockey player.

Happy Gilmore Cast: Where Are They Now?

Happy Gilmore gave us some great comedy moments. There is "James Bond" actor (Richard Kiel), a fight between "Happy" and a famous game show host and a few cameos of famous pro golfers. Football sportscaster, Verne Lundquist, still gets $34 every month from the Screen Actors Guild for his role in Happy Gilmore.


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