Harrison Ford is coming to television! The man we've adored as "Han Solo" in Star Wars and as the star of the legendary Indiana Jones movies for decades is making the move to the small screen. Variety was the first to report that Ford has teamed up with Annapurna TV and director Antonio Campos for a new project he will executive produce and star in.

Harrison Ford will star in The Staircase

Ford and Campos will be adapting the Netflix documentary series The Staircase, which chronicles the trial of novelist Michael Peterson, who was convicted of murdering his wife although he claimed she fell down a set of stairs while drunk. The police did not believe him but suspected he staged the accident.

According to Variety, the new project is currently being shopped to different networks and streaming services. Annapurna TV will be producing the adaptation. 

The Staircase came out on Netflix in 2018

The original documentary series first came out in 2004 - creator Jean-Xavier Lestrade then updated the show with new information in 2018 and it was again released on Netflix as a 13-part series.