• "Voldemort" from 'Harry Potter' was changed in the film
  • Ralph Fiennes portrayed the character
  • Most of the description was accurate

Ralph Fiennes played such a good role that his coworkers said they were frightened for real when acting for the scenes. The actor's nose was removed for the film, however, the actors could still see it and yet were afraid of him.

But not just his nose, more things were changed

He had to portray a pale, bald, snake-like character (which he did very well according to both fans and fellow actors), however there was one detail that was left out.

"Lord Voldemort" in the Harry Potter series

In the books, "Voldemort" had red eyes, while the movie showed him in Ralph's natural blue eyes. It is unknown why the decision was made but in the past, recording many sessions with contacts could irritate the eyes, which could be one of the reasons.

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