• Princess Kate shares a new picture
  • The princess took a sweet photo of her family
  • She share this image to celebrate Father's Day

Father's Day was celebrated in the UK on Sunday, June 16. To mark the occasion, the Prince and Princess of Wales shared a photo on social media that warmed the hearts of Royal fans and highlighted the special relationship between 41-year-old Prince William and his children.

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The picture, taken by 42-year-old Princess Kate, shows Prince William surrounded by his three children on a sand dune overlooking the sea.

New picture of William and the children - taken by Princess Kate

The caption reads: "We love you, dad. Happy Father's Day. G, C & L" and pays tribute to the close father-child relationship within the royal family. This personal touch, complemented by the initials of the children—Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (9), and Prince Louis (6)—as well as Princess Kate's recognition as the photographer, lent the post a special authenticity.

The picture was taken one day after the family's participation in the Trooping the Color parade, a celebration in honor of King Charles' birthday. This event was particularly notable as it marked Princess Kate's first public appearance since the announcement of her cancer diagnosis in March.

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Her participation in this important family event underlined not only her courage but also the strong bond within the royal family. Princess Kate shared how overwhelmed she was by the public's support and how this solidarity has helped her and Prince William through difficult times.