NCIS is set to add a new cast member — and she'll be a familiar face to Hawaii Five-0 fans. On Wednesday, it was announced that Katrina Law will star as new NCIS Special Agent "Jessica Knight."

NCIS cast adds actress Katrina Law for season 18

The character will debut in the final episodes of this season and, according to Deadline, could become a series regular if NCIS gets renewed for season 19. Deadline provided a description of the new NCIS agent, who "specializes in hostage negotiations and handles daily high-risk operations with skill and precision.

"Sharp, athletic and tough, she was raised by a single mother and had to fight for everything in life and is damn good at it. Fiercely tenacious and with a wry sense of humor, Jessica is married to a stay-at-home dad who is raising their infant son."

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Who is Katrina Law, former Hawaii Five-0 star?

Law, 36, is probably best known for playing "Quinn Liu" on Hawaii Five-0 in the final season of the popular series, which ended in 2020. She also starred as "Nyssa al Ghul" on Arrow and has had main roles on The Oath and Training Day in recent years.

NCIS cast adds Katrina Law, former Hawaii Five-0 actress.

The actress celebrated her NCIS news on Twitter with hang loose and cat emojis. Look for "Jessica Knight" to appear on the show later this season. NCIS season 18 aired its ninth episode this week and has another seven to go in its shortened, 16-episode season. Visit here for a recap of the latest episode.

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