Fans of NCIS are left reeling after another great loss this season! The coronavirus already took out "Breena Palmer" and now another character tragically dies!

NCIS Season 18 Episode 9 "Winter Chill" Recap

Fresh off saying goodbye to "Agent Sloan," (Maria Bello) the team is trying to get back their bearings. "Sloan" left each teammate a farewell gift and "Agent Torres" (Wilmer Valderrama) custody of her fish "Carl" much to his dismay. 

The team began an investigation into Petty Officer "Delfino's" suspicious death when he was found frozen to death in the back of a food supply truck. "Delfino" co-owns a popular food truck that even "Bishop" (Emily Wickersham) had eaten from.

It turns out the local food truck industry is quite competitive and there was a lot of bad blood in the community. The deceased Petty Officer even had mutual restraining orders against his main competition! Right as they were about to detain their main suspect, "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) got an urgent call from "Fornell" (Joe Spano).

Fans know "Agent Gibbs'" close friend and ally, "Former FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell" and all he and his daughter "Emily" have gone through over the years including her mom and "Tobias" ex-wife's murder. "Emily" even stayed with "Gibbs" when she was upset with her parents.

"Emily" has struggled with addiction that even led the NCIS team to investigate the drug ring that got the promising young woman hooked. "Fornell's" daughter had relapsed and was in the hospital after an overdose. He didn't know who else to call so he rang "Gibbs" who immediately fled the crime scene to go to the hospital. 

"Gibbs" didn't know what to do so he simply stayed with "Fornell" in the waiting room. "Gibbs" is famously un-emotional but he lost his wife and daughter years ago that has permanently affected him. "Emily" became an almost surrogate daughter to him. 

While they waited, the team solved the food truck crime. It turns out, the Petty Officer got into a heated argument with the parking ticket issuer who has had a lot of issues with the food truck owners. During the fight, he snapped and killed the Petty Officer because he was tired of being hated every single day.

Tragically while the crime was being solved, "Emily Fornell" died from her overdose. "Gibbs" was there for his friend and couldn't help but re-live the pain of losing his own daughter. 

"Director Vance" (Rocky Carroll) ended the episode by reading a poem about death and recovering after loss. Fans were devastated watching the episode. "Fornell" is the longest-running recurring character who has assisted the NCIS team since season 1 so fans let their heartbreak known online. 

One fan Tweeted, "Seriously @NCIS_CBS? First Breena Palmer and now Emily Fornell? Come on, I want to watch one episode without crying!"

The episode ended with a teaser for the next episode where we see "Gibbs" getting handcuffs put on him and being arrested! We'll have to wait until next week to find out why!

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