Home Before Dark will appear exclusively on Apple TV+ and the first three episodes of this mystery series will premiere April 3rd, with new episodes released weekly!

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The show is directed and executive produced by John M. Chu and is based on the investigative reporting of real life journalist Hilde Lysiak as she uncovers disturbing truths in the small lakeside town of her late father. 

Jim Sturgess will star in Apple TV's new series Home Before Dark

Jim Sturgess to Star in Home Before Dark

Among the cast set to star in the new series is actor and singer Jim Sturgess who is known for his roles on crime dramas 21 and Crossing Over. Sturgess will star alongside Brooklynn Prince, Abby Miller, Kylie Rogers, Joelle Carter, Adrian Hough, Deric McCabe, and Jibrail Nantambu

Jim Sturgess and the cast of Home Before Dark which premieres April 3rd on Apple TV+

Home Before Dark Renewed for Second Season

Before the series has even been released, Apple TV+ has decided to renew it for a second season! If this is any indication of how great the show will be, it makes us even more excited for its premiere in April! Keep up with the show on Apple TV's Twitter!