Last weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met some celebrities after the prestigious BAFTA event at London's Royal Albert Hall. One of them was the very talented Joaquin Phoenix, who has recently won numerous awards and who is actually Oscar-nominated for his role as "Arthur Fleck."

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This is what Prince William thinks about Joaquin Phoenix's Joker

According to People, while chatting with the Joker star, Prince William admitted that he "put off" seeing the film after getting some warnings. However, a couple minutes later he told the actor: "I absolutely loved The Joker. It was brilliant. I’m glad I didn’t watch it before bed, but huge congratulations on an amazing performance."

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Joaquin Phoenix at the EE British Academy Film Awards 2020 in London

This is what Joaquin Phoenix told Prince William

"Thank you for your speech," said the Joker star, making reference to Prince William's speech, where he addressed the lack of diversity in the awards nominations at the BAFTA event.