• The Simpsons voice cast has been together from the beginning
  • Most of the actors actually voice many characters
  • See what they all look like in our video!

For over 30 years now, a talented cast of voice actors has been bringing The Simpsons to life on TV. 

From the very beginning, the same cast has voiced iconic characters like "Homer Simpson," his wife "Marge," and their children "Bart" and "Lisa." 

Now here's what those voices look like in real life – and a selection of the characters voiced by each performer. See the pictures in the video above.

The Simpsons cast in real life may surprise you...

Actor Dan Castellaneta is the man behind "Homer Simpson" and that famous "d'oh!" The man of many voices also brings to life "Krusty the Clown" and "Grandpa Simpson," among others. 

Famously, "Bart" and most male children on The Simpsons are voiced by women. Nancy Cartwright provides the voice of "Bart" in addition to "Ralph Wiggum" and the bully "Nelson." 

Then as naggy and long-suffering "Marge Simpson" is voice actress Julie Kavner. Kavner also voices "Marge's" gravelly-voiced twin sisters "Patty" and "Selma" and their mother.

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Actress Yeardley Smith, meanwhile, has been voicing "Lisa Simpson" all these years. "Lisa" is the lone character she voices regularly on the series. 

Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Pamela Hayden, and Tress MacNeille perform most of the other supporting characters.

Hank Azaria of "Brockmire" speaks during the IFC segment of the 2020 Winter TCA Press Tour.

Azaria's include "Moe" and "Chief Wiggum," and formerly "Apu." Harry Shearer is "Mr. Burns" and "Smithers," plus "Ned Flanders," "Principal Skinner" and more. 

While Pamela Hayden speaks for "Milhouse" and "Rod" and "Todd Flanders," among others...

See all the photos and more in the video above!