• I Dream Of Jeannie was an iconic sitcom
  • The show starred some of the biggest actors in the 1970s
  • Here is a look back at the wonderful cast

The show revolved around a magical genie that could grant any wish. And the show's cast was one of the most successful in history. Here's a nice look back at the stars of the show. Barbara Eden played the lead role of "Jeannie", and audiences simply fell head over heels for her!

I Dream Of Jeannie will always stand among the TV greats

The Lady in the Bottle herself becomes an inseparable part of "Captain Nelson’s" life. Barbara is 91 these days and still fondly remembered for her charm and beautiful singing voice! Larry Hagman played "Captain Tony Nelson". His career began in 1957 and he hit gold with the show in 1965.

Also interesting:

Hagman went on to famously play "J.R" in Dallas. But there are sad news. Hagman died from cancer back in 2011 at 81. "Nelson's" best friend, "Roger Healey" was played by Bill Daily...

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