• NCIS legend "Gibbs" is no longer on the show
  • He got a special mention a different spin-off
  • Will "Gibbs" return to the franchise in NCIS: LA?

While "Gibbs" hasn't been a part of NCIS for a few months, his legacy is far from gone.

Since his exit, "Gibbs" has been mentioned not only in the parent series NCIS but also in the spin-off NCIS: Hawaii. Now a storyline about the former team boss has also made it to NCIS: LA.

"Gibbs" now at NCIS: LA?

The NCIS: LA agents were surprised by their former colleague "Eric Beale." The techie left the team in season 12 and moved to Tokyo. He is now a successful tech entrepreneur. In the new episode, "Eric" sent some team members envelopes containing $10,000 each.

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These are to be given out to the NCIS agents. "Eric" hopes the money will bring them some joy. When "Deeks" received the generous gift, he said: "Maybe he was inspired by Gibbs." Fans of the series know immediately what "Deeks" is alluding to.

"Gibbs" as a role model for good deeds

NCIS viewers recently learned that "Gibbs" set up a college fund in memory of his daughter. When she passed away, he continued to deposit money and gave a portion to his colleagues to pay for their children's college tuition.

"Palmer", "McGee" and "Vance" already received the touching honour from "Gibbs." Striking: they also received $10,000 each.

New NCIS: Hawaii Had Surprise "Gibbs" Connection

Indeed, it seems that "Eric Beale" took a cue from his NCIS colleague. But how did he know about "Gibbs'" good deed? After all, the team leader secretly gave away the money, so not even his colleagues knew about it.

It's quite possible that the NCIS: LA characters are in contact with the NCIS agents. For example, "Tony DiNozzo" might have told them about it. His daughter, whom he had together with "Ziva" years ago, received a first college down payment.

Mentions of "Gibbs" fuel hope among fans

The reference to "Gibbs" on NCIS: LA is part of a growing trend. Since the departure of Mark Harmon, who played the character for 18 years, the agent is mentioned not only in his former series.

For example, on NCIS: Hawaii we were able to learn that "Jane Tennant" was brought to NCIS by "Gibbs." She also knows the famous "rules" of the team boss.

It's unclear if Mark Harmon will ever be back in front of the camera as "Gibbs." But, with the continued tributes, the series creators ensure that the former star is not forgotten.