"Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) may have left NCIS a few weeks ago, but the agent remains a constant presence.

Now even fans of NCIS: Hawaii were treated to a little "Gibbs" story. In the Jan. 24 episode, "Gibbs" did not appear in person, but he did have an important role.

NCIS: Hawaii: Surprise role for "Gibbs" in the new series

The NCIS: Hawaii episode featured multiple flashbacks of how "Jane Tennant" (Vanessa Lachey) came to NCIS.

First, viewers saw how "Jane" was trained by her then CIA boss "Maggie Shaw" (Julia White).

But "Maggie" was transferred and couldn't take "Jane" to her new department. Instead, the flashback shows "Maggie" handing her a business card. The name on it? "L. Jethro Gibbs."

"Do you remember the NCIS agent who worked the operation in Kabul?" asks "Maggie." "Jane" replies: "With the Marine haircut and that snarky sidekick?"

Her boss then reveals that "Gibbs" was smitten with "Tennant" and wanted her at NCIS. There is also a special feature on the back of the business card.

"Gibbs" wrote another of his rules on it: "Rule 72: Always be open to new ideas."

In fact, "Jane" accepted the agent's offer and went into training with NCIS, where she is now a team leader in Hawaii.

The flashback to her career and connection to "Gibbs" is another special gift for the fans. After all, they miss the agent a lot since he left.

Also, these scenes open the door to "Gibbs" appearing on NCIS: Hawaii. After all, it can't be ruled out that the agent will visit his team or that of "Tennant" again.

Actor Mark Harmon officially left NCIS in October 2021, but only as an actor. He continues to work for the series as a producer.

At the time, showrunner Steven Binder said of a possible comeback: "Never count Leroy Jethro Gibbs out."