• Jennette McCurdy published an autobiography
  • The title is I'm Glad My Mom Died
  • This is how her brothers react

Actress Jennette McCurdy (30) recently made the headlines once again. The iCarly star wrote an autobiography, which is now ready for you to read at home. 

The controversial title I'm Glad My Mom Died has given people a lot to talk about. 

Jennette McCurdy on her book title

In her book, Jennette McCurdy recounts her childhood and adolescence in the film industry, and how her mother abused her for years. Bulimia and excessive alcohol consumption were the consequences of her abusive upbringing, as McCurdy writes in her book.

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In an interview with THR, Jennette McCurdy recounts the reactions her three older brothers had to the title: "My brothers were so supportive, so understanding."

According to Jennette, her brothers didn't have a hard time understanding the meaning behind the title. "It was also a title that I knew I wanted early on I wanted something that was bold and also something that I meant sincerely", McCurdy explains her strange choice of title.

Above all, she wanted to come across as authentic with this attention-grabbing title. "I knew that anybody who had experienced parental abuse would understand the title [...]", said Jennette McCurdy in an interview for THR.