• NCIS is coming back for season 20 in the fall
  • Will "Ducky" actor David McCallum be back?
  • The NCIS producer finally shared an update

Veteran actor David McCallum was in front of the camera for just a handful of NCIS episodes this season. Will that change in NCIS season 20, which is set to kick off in the fall? Fortunately, there is a new update on "Ducky," and it's good news.

"Ducky" is in NCIS season 20! But how many episodes?

Speaking to TV Insider, producer Steven D. Binder explained that they plan to do more stories with "Ducky" next season. Fans can expect David McCallum to be in "about the same" or "possibly more" episodes than he was in season 19.

The producer said: "One of the things that was difficult last season was it wasn't a regular season. It opened up with all of our energies devoted to, how do we get Gibbs off the show? How do we give him the exit, for now at least? And that takes a lot of energy and it takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of oxygen."

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With "Gibbs" exiting and new characters, the opportunity to use "Ducky" wasn't always there. However, this is now changing, as Binder further explains:

"We'll have a little more head space. At a bare minimum, you'll see him the same amount. And hopefully we'll be able to, when we do see him, use him in a way that's more effective, much like Mark Harmon."

In addition, "Kasie" and "Jessica Knight" will be getting more focus next season. So NCIS fans have plenty to be excited about for season 20!