Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger have come together to battle one another on screen for the first time in their new movie, Iron Mask! As People shares, an exclusive new trailer for the new fantasy epic has just been released, and it sees Chan and Schwarzenegger's powerful characters going head-to-head.

Chan's "Master" seen fighting Schwarzenegger's "Hook"

Chan is a renowned martial arts fighter and unsurprisingly plays a character with kung-fu expertise in Iron Mask, who's known by the name of "Master". As for Schwarzenegger, he's taken on the role of prison guard "James Hook".

According to People's synopsis of the movie, Iron Mask sees "Master" trying to escape "Hook's" prison so he can fight alongside his daughter to help her "save their homeland from a mythical dragon." In the trailer, "Master" and "Hook" spar off against one another, and "Hook" acknowledges his opponent's skills. "You're a great fighter," he tells "Master". 

Chan and Schwarzenegger last seen together in 2019

Chan and Schwarzenegger may have not appeared together on-screen until now, but the two stars actually had a brief reunion last year! As People mentions, when Schwarzenegger had returned home to California after promoting his new movie Terminator: Dark Fate, he happened to bump into Chan and the two took a picture together!

"It was fantastic to run into my old friend and a hero of mine @jackiechan when I got back from the #terminatordarkfate world tour," Schwarzenegger captioned the photo of him and Chan, which he posted on Instagram. "A legend and an inspiration." Chan also shared the photo, writing a similar caption! "So happy to run into my good old friend and legend @schwarzenegger," he said in his own Instagram post.

Iron Mask also stars Jason Flemyng, Charles Dance, Yao Xingtong, Anna Churina, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Rutger Hauer, Martin Klebba, and Christopher Fairbank. The movie will be available to own digitally and rent through video on demand on November 20, and we're excited to see who prevails in the fight between Chan and Schwarzenegger's characters!