• Jane Seymour starred on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
  • It was just the anniversary of the wedding episode
  • Seymour celebrated the milestone with a cool fact

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is still a beloved series to this day. One of the show's best moments has to be the wedding episode for "Byron Sully" and "Dr. Michaela Quinn." Actress Jane Seymour, who played the title role, just revisited the episode on Instagram.

152 years? Jane Seymour on the Dr. Quinn wedding episode

Friday actually marked 27 years since the wedding episode aired in 1995. But Jane Seymour revealed how long "Sully" and "Michaela" have really been married.

On Instagram, Seymour posted a photo of the wedding. "It's true, Sully and Michaela have just celebrated their anniversary!" she wrote. "They're celebrating 152 years of wedded bliss!"

How does that make sense? Well, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman began set in the year 1867. The wedding episode was in season 3 — three years later. So, 1870 to 2022, and that's 152 years for "Michaela" and "Sully," played by actor Joe Lando. Neat!

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Jane Seymour, now 71, added the hashtag "#bringbackdrquinn" on her post. Like fans, Seymour is still a big fan of Dr. Quinn and she has expressed interest in reviving the series.

More good news for fans: Seymour recently confirmed she has no interest in retiring anytime soon. 

But so far, no official word on a Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman reboot. The popular series aired from 1993 to 1998.