2020 BAFTAs: The Full List Of Winners

The British Academy has its say on the best in film!

2020 BAFTAs: The Full List Of Winners

Kathleen Kennedy has shared some exciting news with the Star Wars fandom. According to Metro, the Lucasfilm president promised that "without a question," one of the future Star Wars films will be directed by a woman! Although she didn't mention any specific projects, this will definitely make history!

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Kathleen Kennedy at the BAFTA British Academy Film Awards, London, 2020

The Star Wars franchise is cultivating a lot of great female talent

Kennedy explained there are a couple of "fantastic women working with Star Wars" - the franchise is clearly cultivating a lot of great female talent. A few female directors, for instance, have landed in Star Wars television series, for example in Disney+'s The MandalorianHowever, we still have to wait to see female talent leading a big screen production.

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Kathleen Kennedy took home the BAFTA Fellowship award this weekend.

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It's a big year for the Oscars!

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