Hunger Games Actress Jennifer Lawrence To Star In Netflix's New Comedy Film 'Don't Look Up'

It's the new film from the director of 'Vice' and 'The Big Short'

Jennifer Lawrence To Star In Netflix's New Comedy Film 'Don't Look Up'

On the upcoming episode of American Idol, a gas leak takes over the building and everyone is evacuated. In the sneak peak first published by People, the video shows the judges getting a strong smell of propane. 

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"Do you guys smell gas? It’s pretty intense," Katy Perry asks. "We’re getting heavy propane," Luke Bryan agrees. Perry then says she's getting a headache from the smell and got up from the table.

Katy Perry passes out during American Idol audition 

The fire alarm then goes off evacuating all of the contestants there auditioning and the entire crew and judges. Once outside, Perry reveals that she isn't feeling good and then passes out head-first into the concrete.

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Katy Perry also did an American Idol first by taking an audition out into the street to get the public's opinion on whether or not she should get sent to the next level to Hollywood... Check out the video here! 

Prince Charles

Katy Perry wished Prince Charles a happy birthday!

Prince Charles And Katy Perry Team Up In India For Charity