• Keanu Reeves has a new movie role
  • He surprised fans in a trailer today
  • Reeves will star in DC League of Super-Pets

Keanu Reeves's name is trending on Twitter today — and for good reason.

A new trailer dropped for DC League of Super-Pets. The movie has been in production for a while, but we only now know that Keanu Reeves will voice "Batman" in the movie.

Keanu Reeves is "Batman" in new animated movie

While most "Batman" headlines are going to the new Robert Pattinson film, it will be Keanu Reeves voicing the caped crusader in DC League of Super-Pets.

It's an upcoming animated film about the "Legion of Super-Pets" from the DCU. The light-hearted trailer looks like it could be a fun watch along the lines of the recent Lego movies.

Also interesting:

So, Keanu Reeves joins the list of actors to play "Batman." With the reveal, fans of the beloved star even got his name trending on Twitter. 

Here are a few fan reactions: "You know it feels really weird to say the words… Keanu Reeves is the next Batman. Yeah, I know it's in an animated movie but this still sounds crazy."

"You had me at KEANU REEVES IS VOICING BATMAN," another user added. Others said they will now see Super-Pets solely because of Keanu's involvement.

Joining Reeves in the star-studded voice cast are names including Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, and John Krasinski. 

DC League of Super-Pets hits theatres on May 20.