• Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have a show together
  • This holiday season their kids have stopped by the set
  • THIS is how the family spent their time on the air

This Hollywood family is stronger than most. Kelly Ripa, 53, the vivacious co-host of 'Live with Kelly and Mark,' and her heartthrob hubby, Mark Consuelos, 52, were all smiles as their brood returned to the nest for a festive family bake-off! Kelly is television royalty now, and her family is also part of her legacy.

This holiday the Consuelos are heating things up

"Look who's flown back to mama!" Kelly exclaimed as she introduced her talented offspring, Lola (22), the budding songstress, and Michael (26), the reality TV whiz, on Tuesday's episode. The duo joined their star-studded parents to whip up some delectable gingerbread cookies, Michael's all-time fave!

"Well, well, well the chickens are back in the coop for the holidays!" Kelly exclaimed while squeezing Lola and the audience cheered.

Mark, ever the doting dad, quizzed Michael on his latest escapades. "Brooklyn's been a blast! I'm knee-deep in 'Real Housewives' drama, and guess what? I'm still standing!" Michael quipped with a grin. Lola, on the other hand, is taking London by storm, one melody at a time. "Stream my tunes, and spread the word!" she urged with a twinkle in her eye.

As the Consuelos clan rolled, cut, and baked their way to gingerbread glory, Kelly couldn't help but share a snapshot of the merry moment on Instagram. "A Christmas cookie miracle!" she gushed, adding a shoutout to Joaquin (20), the absent cookie connoisseur, who's off making his own memories in Michigan.

Their youngest family member, 20-year-old son Joaquin, was not present for the segment, since he is still finishing up his semester at the University of Michigan.

The Consuelos family were all smiles as Lola and Michael tried their best to read the directions and instruct their parents on making holiday cookies.

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Earlier in the month, Kelly and Mark unveiled their 2023 holiday card, a cheeky nod to their "Empty Nester" status, with just the dynamic duo wrapped in a festive red bow. No kids in sight this year, but their love and humor clearly know no bounds!

So, as the Consuelos family rings in the season with laughter, love, and a batch of gingerbread cookies, we're reminded that home is where the heart (and the oven) is warm. Happy Holidays, indeed!