Would you have guessed that "Villanelle" actually has a Scouse accent?

On Killing Eve, the Russian assassin most frequently speaks English with a hint of her eastern European homeland's dialect. But the sociopathic killer is also trained in many tongues, which "Villanelle" displays regularly during her globe-trotting assassin work.

To name just a few, we've heard her perform in German, Russian, Italian, Scottish, and French accents, all within the first three seasons. But what does actress Jodie Comer actually sound like in real life?

Killing Eve: "Villanelle" actress Jodie Comer

Well, Killing Eve star Jodie Comer is a native of Liverpool, England, and she naturally speaks with the regional accent of her Merseyside home. Comer has a Scouse accent, also sometimes called Liverpool or Merseyside English.

The 27-year-old actress, of course, hits pause on her busy accent work off-screen and during well-deserved awards speeches and interviews — such as the one seen below where she talks accents on The Graham Norton Show.

When asked about her favourite accent, Comer explained: "I really enjoy doing the Italian, purely because that was the one I found easiest to do. French is really hard."

Jodie Comer's accent in real life

Even when the Liverpool-born star performed on British series pre-Killing Eve, she often altered her Scouse accent. For example, on My Mad Fat Diary, Comer acted with a Lincolnshire accent. For more accent art with Jodie Comer on Killing Eve, a five-minute compilation of her work can be viewed below.

In three seasons of Killing Eve, Comer has collected many awards for her role as "Villanelle," including Primetime Emmy and BAFTA Award wins in 2019 for season 2.

Jodie Comer poses during the 71st Emmy Awards on September 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

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