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Killing Eve

Killing Eve follows spy-assassin thrills with psychopath killer "Villanelle" and MI6 investigator "Eve Polastri." Through three seasons, the BBC series has established Comer as a star and won acclaim for its style, strong performances, and dark humour.

Killing Eve debuted in 2018, when fans were first introduced to Russian assassin "Villanelle" AKA "Oksana Astankova" (Jodie Comer). The psychopathic yet fan-favourite killer is on the radar of MI6, which recruits investigator "Eve Polastri" (Sandra Oh) to track her down. "Villanelle" and "Eve" grow increasingly obsessed with one another, building a deadly and transgressive connection as the series progresses.

Killing Eve: The Award-Winning Cast

Along with "Villanelle" and "Eve," the show's main cast has included the assassin's handler "Konstantin" (Kim Bodnia) and MI6 boss "Carolyn" (Fiona Shaw) in the first three seasons. Seasons 1 and 2 were especially well-received, and Comer, Shaw, and the series have taken home BAFTA wins. Comer also won a Primetime Emmy for her performance as "Villanelle" in season 2, while Oh won a SAG Award in the same year.

Killing Eve season 3 aired in 2020

Killing Eve concluded season 3 in May 2020 and has been renewed for season 4. The series is based on Luke Jennings's Villanelle novel series, and a new female writer has headed the show each season. Killing Eve airs on BBC iPlayer in the UK and BBC America and AMC in the US.

Jodie Comer poses during the 71st Emmy Awards on September 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

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